As of 22 September 2021, a new Public Health Mandate requires all guests to show a full vaccination certificate with accompanying ID to dine indoors. Patio dining is exempt from this mandate. The full mandate affecting our area can be found at this link:

All indoor dining guests will be asked to provide a second dose vaccination certificate or digital copy, that is at least 14 days old, together with a physical copy of an accompanying ID. Failure to provide this will mean take out will be the only option available to you. Regular guests, who wish to do so, have the option of a note made to their guest profile with the date the record was checked. This is a completely voluntary process and is aimed at avoiding having to do this at every visit.

Medical exemptions from vaccination will be allowed to dine indoors. In these rare instances, the original copy of the exemption certificate must be shown in conjunction with a valid accompanying ID. Again, if this certificate is not available take out will be the only dining option offered.

We appreciate and respect the choice not to vaccinate. We are however not the vessel for your protest. Please appreciate that whilst you face the prospect of a slap on the wrist, our family owned and operated company runs the real risk of serious fines, revoking of our liquor license, and even cease to operate orders.

We will not tolerate any abuse as a result of enforcing this mandate. Any patrons who are abusive, sarcastic or make ill-judged comments will be asked to leave the restaurant. Please appreciate that this is not a pleasant experience for us, especially on the back of a pandemic that has seen over 10000 of our peers lose their businesses across Canada.

We have been blessed with incredible support and compassion from our diners. We are incredibly thankful for you having helped us survive and will forever be indebted to our community.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Dominique and Geoffrey Wild